Can endpoint anti-virus prevent phishing attacks?

Secure Click News Can endpoint anti-virus prevent phishing attacks?

Can endpoint anti-virus prevent phishing attacks?

Your organisation is probably using a firewall or anti-virus software. This is great!

Unfortunately, these technical defences, while keeping at bay cyber threats, cannot keep out everything. Here is why:

Most of these products use what is known as signature-based detection. This is basically like a database of known threats which are loaded into their products. The problem is there is usually a gap of a couple of weeks between discovery of a threat and it being added to thte detection database of your anti-virus or firewall. This gap leaves a lot of businesses vulnerable.
Secondly, most cyber criminals now use what is known as “cryptor” software to disguise their malware. Cryptor software basically wraps up viruses, trojans, rookits and other malware in a package so that it slips under the radar of firewalls, email gateways and anti-virus totally undetected.  

Don't believe us? Well, here is a rather interesting and well received study* of anti-virus (endpoint) protection carried out by independent researchers in the University of Pireaus last year. Their findings are summarised in the table below. As you will see, even the best-selling anti-virus / end-point security packages have trouble keeping the bad guys out.
So, how do you keep your organisation secure if technical defences such as endpoint anti-virus software and firewalls don't offer complete protection?

Now, more than ever, your employees play a crucial role in keeping your organisation safe from cyber threats. Every day, they need to make sound judgement calls as to whether a weblink (URL) or email attachment is safe to open. They also have to make sure that every app they download onto their computing device is safe. Their decision could mean the difference between your organisation staying safe or getting compromised. 

*(An Emperical Assessment of Endpoint Detection and Response Systems against Advanced Persistent Threats Attack Vectors G. Karantzas and C. Patsakis, 2021)

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